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International Working Women’s Day demonstration

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“The blazing spirit of those who came before us and the struggle they set and kept aflame. They live on. So today on International Working Women’s Day we stand here to continue their fight and keep that revolutionary light ignited. After all, you can’t burn women made of fire.”

🎥: Veron of Revolutionaire Eenheid delivering a speech calling for militant solidarity on International Working Women’s Day in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Solidarity with the revolutionary struggles of women all around the globe, from Indonesia to the Philippines, and from Palestine to Kurdistan.

Revolutionaire Eenheid is an anti-imperialist youth organization and a member of Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle. During the march they carried flags bearing the FFPS logo and the call “people’s war is for people’s peace” in support of the Filipino revolutionaries and their struggle to achieve a just and lasting peace through national and social liberation.

“We stand in full solidarity with our Filipino sisters fighting U.S. imperialism and their puppet government in the Philippines.”

Join Friends all around the globe in keeping the anti-imperialist spirit aflame and support the National Democratic revolution in the Philippines! #NDF50

Long live the militant struggle of the Filipino people!
Support the Filipino people’s aspiration for a just and lasting peace!
Support genuine democracy, support the NDF!
People’s war is for people’s peace!