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Fight against censorship of the Philippine movement and its solidarity allies!

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Today Twitter suspended the account of one our members. One of the aims of this collective is to make information about the Philippine revolution available to Spanish-speaking people.

We strongly condemn the censorship of our members. These are efforts to try and suppress true information about the situation in the Philippines and the resistance of the Filipino people. But of course we, and all our members, will continue to extend concrete and extensive moral, political & material support to the millions of Filipino people struggling in their just and necessary People’s Democratic Revolution for national and social liberation.

Let us intensify our solidarity efforts to the Philippine revolution, the NDF and its allied organizations! Let us continue to celebrate the NDF as representative of the Filipino people and their aspirations for national liberation and democracy! Let us be true friends of the Filipino people!

Statement of Revolucion Filipina:

“Today, 25 July, Twitter has suspended the account of our collective (@RevFilipina).

We are not surprised by this fact, since the purchase of the social network by some ‘successful businessman’ who also holds the record for the most money lost in the shortest time, this social network has started a process of deterioration both for the user and censorship (despite the promises of ‘free speech’). The accounts that disseminate the revolutionary process in the Philippines and the repression suffered by this people have been systematically suspended, continuing with the work of silencing this reality that we have been denouncing carried out by the press and the big corporations from Western countries.

The US-Marcos Jr regime has promoted telematic control laws such as the registration of SIM cards, blocked investigations into corruption and human rights violations at national and international level, and during his first year in office at least 97 extrajudicial killings have taken place.

Therefore, we must continue our work to bring the reality and the struggle of the Filipino people to the Spanish speakers. Therefore, you can follow us too on our website (revolucionfilipina.com) as well as on our other networks that you can find on the web, and on our new Twitter account: @rev_filipinas.

Down with the censorship!

Internationalist solidarity will win!”

Visit: https://revolucionfilipina.com