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SUCCESSFUL Global Day of action august 26 2023

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“Wherever we are in the world, we will do everything to support the Philippine national democratic revolution and with it, advance the global struggle against US imperialism and all systems of oppression and exploitation.”

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Last August 26 Friends and allies from all over the world mobilized in support of the Philippine revolution! This was in commemoration of the cry of Pugad Lawin which signaled the beginning of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial rule in late August 1896. Today, under the Marcos Jr. regime, the Filipino people continue to suffer from US domination, foreign and local monopoly of land, extreme poverty and state repression.

Thus even today, the Filipino people’s struggle continues through a new type of revolution – the people’s democratic revolution – participated in by thousands of revolutionaries from the National Democratic Front and its allied organizations. Through the people’s war, the Filipino people lay the ground to a genuinely sovereign, nationally industrialized country governed by a people’s democratic government.

As Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle, we continue to recognize the justness of the Philippine revolution. We continue to support their aspirations for genuine peace equivalent to social and national liberation.

Read our full press release and call to action on our website. Join Friends of the Filipino people in struggle and support the Philippine revolution!