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As the Filipino people mark the 51st anniversary of Martial Law in the Philippines and continue their resistance against the Marcos Jr. regime’s fascism, we join ILPS and its Global Day of Action for the Philippines with a solidarity statement.

The pro-people and peace-loving people of the world stand with the Filipino people in their struggle against the US-Marcos regime and support their just struggle for national and social liberation.

Full text:

“Hi my name is Veron, I’m from Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle.

I’m from Indonesia and Indonesia, a lot like the Philippines, is in quite a dire condition where you see extreme levels of exploitation and poverty and state repression as well as part of the violent reality of a stunted economy under imperialism. Unfortunately, this is the case in many parts of the world under global US imperialist rule.

But because of that, it’s really inspiring to see the Filipino struggle and how it has advanced and consolidated victories against this very system of US imperialism and even posing one of the biggest threats to it. That’s why as Friends, we whole-heartedly support the Filipino people’s struggle for national democracy and liberation as it is not only their right, but we also see it as a big part of the global struggle against imperialism, especially against US hegemony.

But with that, we’ve also seen the US further expanding its aggression in the Philippines and we can see that most clearly today with Marcos Jr. allowing the US to expand its bases in the country. An unforgiveable act that only further exposes his puppetry and his selling out of the Philippines to the US. As peoples of the world, we must continue exposing the evils and baselessness of militarization and other forms of state terrorism that have persisted from even way before Marcos Jr.

As we commemorate the anniversary of the declaration of martial law on September 21st by his father, the late dictator Marcos Sr., we continue to stand side-by-side with the Filipino people against their current defacto dictator. As pro-people and peace-loving internationalists, we must and we will do everything in our power to support the Filipino people’s struggle for national liberation and genuine democracy.

End US-Marcos state terrorism in the Philippines! Support the Filipino aspiration: National Liberation against US imperialism!”

#JunkTerrorLaw #GlobalSolidarityPH