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Stop the bombings news #2 (november-december 2023)

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STB News or Stop The Bombings News is an FFPS initiative to expose the terrorist bombing campaign of the Philippine countryside by the US-Marcos regime through the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The bombings are part of its ‘counterinsurgency’ war against the revolutionary movement and people. These bombings terrorize and endanger the rural communities. STB News is part of the FFPS campaign to ‘stop the bombings’.  

Human rights coalition opposes bombings

The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP) has called for an end to the bombing campaign by the AFP in a statement on December 4th. The coalition emphasizes the devastation that the aerial bombings bring to the lives of the Filipino people. The bombing campaign by the AFP has, according to Philippine human rights organization Karapatan, affected at least 22,391 individuals from July 2022 to November 30, 2023. As the report from Karapatan shows, even though the AFP calls the bombings part of a ‘counterinsurgency’ campaign against ‘terrorists’, they are the ones who are terrorizing their own population, as was also illustrated by the killing of two civilians by the AFP on December 17th. The ‘war on terror’ is a terror campaign on the Filipino masses.

Ang Bayan reports on 2023 bombings

Ang Bayan (AB), the official news organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), published a special issue documenting the human rights violations and fascist repression of the US-Marcos regime this year on December 2nd. This included reporting on the AFP terrorist bombing campaign. AB recorded 54 cases of aerial bombings, strafing and artillery shelling in this period. It mentioned that the bombings endanger the targeted communities, displace the people and destroy the environment.

10 people martyred in bombings

The bombing of a New People’s Army (NPA) camp in Bukidnon by 403rd Infantry Brigade of the AFP has martyred 10 people. The fascist military used 250-pound bombs and Israeli 155 mm artillery rounds, leaving the bodies of the martyrs mangled and dismembered. The bombings also caused destruction to the surrounding forests, on which the communities rely for their livelihood. The Israeli origin of the artillery rounds shows the blood pact between the fascist Philippine government and the settler-colonial Israeli state, bombing both the Filipino and Palestinian masses.

The attack took place on December 25th, despite the declaration of a two-day ceasefire by the NPA to celebrate the CPP’s 55th anniversary on the 26th. This attack once again exposes the fascist and cowardly nature of the AFP.  

If you or your organization has any news related to the stop the bombings campaign, please share it with us at secretariat_ffps@protonmail.com 


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