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Marcos Jr.’s delusions won’t end the Philippine revolution

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Robert Reid | Chairperson FFPS

On January 13 president Marcos Jr. claimed that the New People’s Army (NPA) currently has “zero active guerilla fronts”, trying to paint a “success” of his administration and “good” performance of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Instead of actually addressing the root causes of the armed struggle, Marcos Jr. seems only focussed on hastily trying to satisfy the US’ assignment to end the Philippine revolution. Perhaps he hopes to get away with his baseless lies of ‘victory’, since his masters are busy with commiting genocide in Palestine and with opening up new war fronts in the middle east. However, whatever cookie points he might gain, they will soon crumble as the Philippine revolution is invincible and continues on.

The reality is that Marcos Jr. has miserably failed to address the basic issues of Philippine society and the aspirations of the Filipino masses, which form the basis for the Filipino people’s resistance.

For as long as the big bourgeoisie comprador servants of US imperialism, along with the big landlords, maintain their rule and oppression and exploitation of the Filipino people and their resources, the basis for the revolution persists. Wherever units of the NPA suffer temporary losses and setbacks, the peasant masses and minority people suffer too from worsening forms of exploitation and oppression, and from the intense fascist attacts by the AFP. In areas which had to be abandoned by NPA units by force of circumstance, the poor and lower-middle peasant masses and farm-workers desire the return of their beloved Red fighters.

The reality is that the people’s war continues to rage on in the Philippine countryside. 

This is underscored by the continued building of revolutionary political power in the countryside. It is also apparent through the continued tactical offensives by the NPA. On January 2, the NPA-Northern Negros was able to bring to justice the mercenaries behind the Sagay massacre of nine sugarcane workers by launching simultaneous armed actions in the town of Purok Kawayan, Barangay Bug-ang, Toboso, Negros Occidental. Meanwhile, NPA-Central Negros ambushed Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) element Sunnyboy Teves in Sityo Tulingon, Negros Oriental on December 27, 2023. Teves was involved in many crimes against the masses of Central Negros.

We as FFPS continue to stand in militant solidarity with the Filipino people and fully support their right to fight for a just and lasting peace in the Philippines. 

We celebrate the Filipino people’s dedication to strengthening their revolutionary movement and people’s war through a campaign of rectification, and continue to extend dedicated international solidarity and support. We assert that the organs of political power being built in the countryside are the seeds of a genuine people’s government. They deserve the support of all progressive and peace-loving international forces.

Furthermore, we recognize the NPA as a genuine people’s army defending the Filipino people and advancing their struggle for national and social liberation. It is the NPA that defends the gains of the revolution and the organs of political power that are built.

People’s war is for people’s peace!
Celebrate the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!
Support the revolutionaries and defend the bases of the people’s army!