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Surface Baby Jane “Ka Binhi” Orbe and all other disappeared!

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Robert Reid | Chairperson FFPS

On the 17th of December, NPA fighter Baby Jane “Ka Binhi” Orbe, was abducted by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) after being wounded in an overkill combat operation by the 59th IBPA, Philippine Airforce and Philippine Navy.

The AFP has the duty to respect Ka Binhi’s rights as hors de combat and prisoner of war under International Humanitarian Law (IHL) which guides to rules of war. However, even up until now the military has still not surfaced Ka Binhi.

The use of enforced disappearances is a particularly heinous practice of state fascism, reminiscent of the days of late Philippine dictator Marcos Sr. in which thousands were disappeared, many of whom are still missing. Families and friends are forever left to speculate on the fate to their loved ones, without even having any certainty on whether they are still alive or not. 

The US-Marcos Jr. regime and its armed forces have systematically applied enforced disappearances as part of their militaristic “counter-insurgency” strategy. They have even deployed this tactic for political repression of legal activists, such as the very public and jarring case of Jhed and Jonila, 2 environmental activists who were abducted by the AFP in 2023. 

Ka Binhi deserves the protection of her rights as hors de combat and should be surfaced by the AFP urgently, whether alive or even her remains.

The family and friends of Ka Binhi are still searching for her and rallying to the military camps, but are kept in the dark by the AFP on her whereabouts. We echo the Filipino people in struggle and their call to surface Ka Binhi and all other disappeared or “Desaparecidos”, and the need for the US-Marcos Jr. regime and its armed forces to respect IHL and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL).

Uphold International Humanitarian Law!
Surface Babe Jane “Ka Binhi” Orbe!
Surface all desaparecidos!