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If you happen to have missed our webinar “The Right to Resist: on International Humanitarian Law & the Right to Take Up Arms” or in case you would just like to re-watch, the full recording is now available online!

Hosted by Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), with presentations and open discussion on anti-colonial armed resistance and the right to fight for liberation against occupation and national liberation movements and their right to fight for self determination.

Featured speakers:

  • Suzanne Adely, President of National Lawyers Guild and bureau member of IADL
  • Edre Olalia, Chair of National Union of People’s Lawyers and interim president of IADL
  • Introduction by Eevee Garcia of FFPS, on the upcoming international people’s tribunal investigating and addressing alleged war crimes and IHL violations committed by the US government and the Marcos and Duterte regimes.

In light of the ongoing genocide by US supported “Israel” on the Palestinian people, Suzanne Adely discussed the right of the Palestinian people to take up arms to resist the settler-colonial violence. As the Filipino people are currently waging a comprehensive revolutionary war of liberation, Edre Olalia discussed the right of the Filipino people, and all oppressed peoples, to take up arms to fight for liberation.

The webinar is part of a series of discussions in the run up to the International Peoples’ Tribunal 2024 which is set on May 18 to 19 in Europe. Convened by IADL and FFPS, the IPT 2024 seeks to investigate war crime charges against the US-supported Marcos and Duterte regimes.