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Stop the bombings News #5 (February-April 2024)     

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STB News or Stop The Bombings News is an FFPS initiative to expose the terrorist bombing campaign of the Philippine countryside by the US-Marcos regime through the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The bombings are part of its ‘counterinsurgency’ war against the revolutionary movement and people. These bombings terrorize and endanger the rural communities. STB News is part of the FFPS campaign to ‘stop the bombings’.

Updates on previous news

  • March 4th Quezon-Camarines Sur bombing: New People’s Army (NPA) Southern Tagalog spokesperson Armando Cienfuego reported on March 22nd that the March 4th bombing killed one peasant.

Bombings in Ilocos Sur-Abra

The 501st Infantry Brigade of the AFP bombed border communities in Ilocos Sur and Abra on April 2nd. The AFP claimed this was in response to an earlier encounter with the NPA that day, admitting one soldier got wounded. The NPA is still investigating if this is true. The bombing’s impact was beyond ground zero, and forced about 650 people to flee their communities. Several local organizations, like Kabataan Ilocos and Anakayban Ilocos, condemned the bombing. The bombing affects the local peasants heavily, since they are already facing droughts due to El Niño.

Shelling in Bukidnon

The 10th Infantry Division of the AFP shelled Valencia City, Bukidnon on March 10th. At least 18 artillery bombs were fired. According to the North Central Mindanao NPA spokesperson the AFP fired ‘at all directions’. The NPA clarified that no encounter had taken place between the AFP and NPA. The AFP shelled the area to terrorize the local communities. This terror campaign is on the one hand to punish the local communities for supporting the NPA, and on the other hand to clear the way for mines and plantations, so that imperialists and their local puppets can gain profit.

Bombings in Abra

The AFP bombed, strafed and shelled communities in the province of Abra on February 25-27. Using drones, attack helicopters and 105mm howitzer at least 22 bombs were dropped and thousands of .50 caliber bullets were fired. The AFP claimed this was a reaction to an encounter with the NPA. In two encounters in Abra, on the 23rd and 27th, two fascist soldiers were killed by the NPA.

The bombing, strafing and shelling happened near the fishing grounds, pastures and crops of the local communities. In text messages to the local radio station, the angry residents demanded the military stopped the operation.

The AFP is stationed in Abra partly to serve as security force for mining companies that are exploring copper mining in Abra.

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