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Celebrate the NDF! A new musical anthem in support of the Philippine revolution out now! 

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The song is an expression of our solidarity with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF) and the future it envisions for the struggling Filipino masses as outlined in the 12 point program. As Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) we stand in steadfast and urgent solidarity with the fighting Filipino masses, their struggle for national and social liberation, and with their genuine representative, the NDF.

The aim of the song is to educate and inspire. It educates by going through the twelve point program of the NDF, a program for a just and lasting peace in the Philippines. It inspires through a resolute militancy interwoven in the beats, lyrics and especially the chorus. We would like to encourage everyone to widely share and propagate the new song “Celebrate The NDF” using the hashtags #I❤️NDF and #CelebrateTheNDF. 

We would also like to give everyone the opportunity to join in on a lip-synching effort! So please call to action all your friends, families, comrades, allies, and other contacts to join in for creative and big lip-synching sessions over the next few months to help spread the song. Get creative! Take shots from different angles, cool backgrounds and have people walking following the camera. Huge organizational ensembles & group efforts would be great, bring out your flags, signs and show anything that relates to the message of celebrating the NDF. 

We will compile the videos into a new music video which we can celebrate on the anniversary of NDF and FFPS of 2025! Contact us for more info!

Find the song on:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7eXvf3HcmNmJUezbtxegQt?si=EMs4VuQiTbe7eYGYyyzyAA

Full lyrics below!



Unite the people for the overthrow
Of the semico-lonial, semi-feudal
Through a people’s war we complete
The ND revolution, and see
Feudalism ending
Who are the enemies, who are the friends
What is the NDF and where does it stand
The armed struggle’s mixed with a legal resistance 
Lead by the proletariat on its mission
The main force is the working class and the peasantry 
To win over the petty bourgeoisie
Are you ready to receive
12 points that’ll lead to a free Philippines 

2. the people’s democratic republic
Is based on a council where the people’s consulting 
Autonomous zones for indigenous homes
And safety ensured for those serving the public
For serious crimes, they gotta resign
When we’re seizing the time, we’ll be meting out justice 

3. Build the people’s army, and the people’s defense 
Supported by the masses so influence extends 
Strict code of conduct, strict discipline
The defenders of the gains that the revolution wins 

4. Uphold and promote people’s democratic rights
The rights to associate, assemble and strike
to get your basic needs met, like if you need meds 

Protected by a bill of rights 

5 Terminate unequal treaties with the US
and other foreign entities that seek to repress 
Monopoly actors, prohibit their access 
Cancel the loans of the finance masters 
Foreign capital we gobble it up, and turn it up 
To a national economy that’s just 

6 implement genuine agrarian reform
Cooperate and modernize that’s the new norm
Comprador landlords get dispossessed
The peasants get their land, and they catch a new breath 
Cooperation before mechanization
But heed how we’re pacin’, we proceed in stages
In step we develop industry to reap
The fruits of labor, aided by state subsidies 

7 build independence build self reliance,
Light and heavy industry, founded on science
Agriculture that’s green and sustainable
Feed the people with the crops that’s available 

8. Comprehensive and progressive social policy 
Workers and the peasants build a life of quality 
Dignity comes from the collective,
When people participate, and feel they’re connected 
Mental health and wellbeing, can’t be neglected 
Child care and welfare, keep the people respected 

9. Promote a national progressive people’s culture 
National combatting a subservient mentality 
Progressive to combat all the superstitious fallacies 
Popular because it serves the interests of the masses we 
Wouldn’t insult ya
By ignoring 

10 self determination for indigenous friends
Bangsa moro, to the cordillera mountains
Protect traditions and the lands that they’re found in 

11. Advance emancipation of women to tear 
Their oppression by uplifting them in all spheres 
Patriarchy doesn’t disappear overnight 
Implement social programs to ascend their plight 

12. A foreign policy that centers peace, 
And independence, so we can unleash creative energy 
This means international support 
The revolution can’t be bought