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Workers of the world unite!

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Robert Reid | Chairperson

On this International Workers’ Day, stand in solidarity with the Filipino people’s demand for justice! Isolate the US-backed Marcos and Duterte regimes and hold them accountable for their war crimes against the Filipino people!

As we witness the inherent and deepening crises of imperialism, workers struggles and mass resistance continue to grow and spread across various countries, with millions demanding wage hikes and better working conditions, fighting back against imperialist wars and oppression, and resisting US-backed Zionist genocide against the Palestinian people.

In the Philippines, the domination of US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism has perpetuated the exploitation and marginalization of the working class. These three basic problems are the main stumbling blocks to the Filipino people’s liberation. The absence of national industries and the control exerted by foreign monopoly capital have further exacerbated the plight of Filipino workers and all oppressed masses, leaving them vulnerable to worsening exploitation and abuse. 

For this reason, the Filipino people are waging a national democratic revolution led by the working class. To rid themselves of the shackles of imperialist control and feudal exploitation, the fighting Filipino masses have established the broadest united front of workers, peasants and other democratic and progressive forces of Philippine society under the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and are exercising their right to wage a revolutionary struggle for liberation.

The NDFP represents the exploited and oppressed Filipino people fighting for national and social liberation. Their revolutionary struggle of the Filipino people is a principled and just war of resistance and is one the key deterrents to the US government’s imperialist warmongering in Asia-Pacific; and aims to dismantle the power of the Philippine comprador bourgeoisie and the landed class. 

The Marcos Jr. regime and his predecessor Rodrigo Duterte, both represent the interests of US imperialism and of the Philippine ruling elite, and have resorted to brutal “counterinsurgency” tactics to suppress mass dissent and maintain their grip on power. With direct support from the US government, these regimes have unleashed horrendous violence and repression against the Filipino people, including indiscriminate bombings, political killings, and rampant militarization of communities.

The Filipino people must be allowed to exercise their mandate to investigate these alleged war crimes and to try the perpetrators for their violations of international humanitarian law. Despite overwhelming evidence and exhaustive legal pursuits with high-level inter-governmental bodies like the United Nations Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court, there has been no justice for the thousands of victims. 

For this reason, the Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) alongside the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), is convening an International People’s Tribunal (IPT) from May 17-18, 2024. The tribunal aims to create a venue for the Filipino people to try the US government, the Duterte and Marcos Jr. administrations for their war crimes against the Filipino people.

Unlike traditional courts or existing international accountability mechanisms that are easily influenced by imperialist interests, a people’s tribunal operates independently from governments and inter-governmental institutions alike. It receives its mandate from the toiling masses of workers, peasants and other democratic forces deprived of their rights.

As imperialism crumbles, a new world struggles to be born. The dying US empire is stretching itself thin in desperate and violent attempts to maintain its grip on the world through consecutive wars in Ukraine, the genocidal war in Palestine and now with its war preparations versus China. 

For us to unite and fight against US imperialism, also means that it is necessary for us to stand in unity and full solidarity with the popular masses on the frontlines of the fight against it and where the chains of imperialism are the weakest. Every advance of the Filipino people’s struggle for national liberation deals a heavy blow against the imperialist world system. 

On this International Workers’ Day, let us heighten our solidarity with all toiling masses of the world, with the Filipino people and all oppressed and exploited peoples, in the struggle against US imperialism and reaction. 

We call on all friends of the Filipino people and all those who oppose US imperialism and its countless war crimes, to extend all forms of support to the International People’s Tribunal (IPT):

Katarungan: The Filipino People vs US Government, and the Marcos and Duterte regimes (An International War Crimes Tribunal on the US-directed Counterinsurgency in the Philippines)

Workers of the world unite!
Down with imperialism!
US imperialist, #1 terrorist!
Justice for the Filipino people!
Hold Marcos and Duterte accountable for their war crimes against the Filipino people!