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Stand with the oppressed peoples of the world! Resist demonization of growing support for Palestine!

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Global Secretariat | FFPS

Friends of the Filipino people in Struggle (FFPS) condemns in the strongest terms the demonization of its member organizations in the Netherlands – Revolutionaire Eenheid (RE) and Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network – by Dutch media, police and other governmental bodies. They have gone as far as publishing pictures and full names of individual members in articles next to false and vile allegations framing these organizations as “violent” or as supporters of “terrorism”. 

In reality, these organizations are part of brave and militant student-led protests and encampments that have sprung up in the Netherlands since Monday as part of the ongoing global protests against the US-backed Zionist genocide in Gaza. Encampments and protests in the Netherlands primarily opposes the complicity of Dutch universities, the Dutch government and the European Union in the onslaught against the Palestinian people. The protests have mobilized thousands of people, primarily students, all of whom have been met with brutal and relentless state violence by “riot police” forces.

Pro-Palestinian and anti-genocide people of the Netherlands have responded to the students’ calls to support the encampments and solidarity demonstrations, including anti-zionist Jewish group, environmental justice groups, anti-imperialist organizations, and many others.

In an attempt to isolate one part or parts of the growing movement for Palestine in the Netherlands and hoping to weaken its strength, police spokespersons, government officials, and various media outlets – ranging from far-right to supposedly liberal or even state news media – is trying to push the narrative that ‘clueless’ students and the protests are being ‘misused’ or ‘infiltrated’ by ‘violent’ organizations. They claim that the protests are ‘too sophisticated’ to be student-led. 

The same narrative is trying to diminish the students’ and the youths’ agency to analyze what is happening around them and their capacity to decide on what actions to take. In reality, the students, through their militant and strong solidarity actions, have shown that they have a good grasp of the evils of US imperialism and its role in the genocide in Gaza and that they choose to side with the oppressed and exploited peoples and their right to resist. They are asserting that they do not want their universities to be complicit in the US-backed Zionist genocide any longer, asserting their democratic rights through concrete actions.

As a global solidarity formation for the Philippines and the peoples of the world resisting imperialism, FFPS fully stands with Revolutionaire Eenheid (RE), Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and the student movement in the Netherlands and all over the world in claiming their democratic spaces to support the Palestinian people’s right to liberation and return and vehemently condemns the brutal force used by the Dutch universities in cooperation with the local governments and the police against these student encampments and protests.

The steadfast solidarity by the students around the world with the Palestinian people, gives concrete meaning to Ka Joma’s words that only through militant struggle will the best in the youth emerge. We can see that in the imperialist countries, it is the youth that stands most militantly with Palestine and that it is the youth that will lead the charge that drives the spear into the hearts of imperialism.

FFPS stands with all its member organizations as they link deeply with solidarity organizations in support of national liberation movements and anti-imperialist movements and as they continue to participate in the student encampments and solidarity protests in support of Palestine all over the world!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!
The militant youth will end imperialism!
From Palestine to the Philippines, stop the US war machine!