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Stand with the student solidarity actions for Palestine!

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Robert Reid | Chairperson FFPS

Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) stands in solidarity with students all over the world supporting the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination.

The Palestinian people have been facing extreme oppression to the point of ethnic cleansing by Israel for the last 76 years. Recently this has only intensified with the current US-backed Zionist genocide of the Palestinian people. As of now, the  genocide  has been going on for more than 200 days. The Gaza Strip has been practically destroyed and over 34.000 people have been killed. Over 1.4 million civilians have been forced into Rafah, which is now under Israeli invasion.

This has caused righteous outrage amongst all progressive and peace-loving people around the world. Recently students all around the world, including in the imperial core, have stood up against their universities’ and governments’ complicity in the current genocide. In the US, pro-Palestine encampments have begun in universities around Michigan, California, Virginia, New York, just to name a few. This spirit of solidarity and internationalism continues to spread like wildfire to other cities in the world, like Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam, Valencia, Dublin, London, São Paulo and Sydney, and many more setting up each day. Echoing across these university walls is the demand for a free Palestine. 

In response to the brave actions of the students, the university boards and the states have unleashed extreme and fascist violence of the police. Besides this the students face harassment from right wing media and attacks from Zionists. The students have shown admirable steadfastness and unity to support the Palestinian people fighting for national liberation in the face of all this slander and repression. Wherever the police have knocked the camps down, the students have risen up twice as strong. 

The solidarity actions with the Palestinian people are of great importance for the international struggle against US imperialism, the principle backer of Zionism. US imperialism connects the Palestinian struggle to hundreds of other struggles, like the national democratic revolution in the Philippines. Both the Filipino people and the Palestinian people are fighting for national and social liberation to free themselves from the shackles of foreign domination and to liberate their lands. The Palestinian struggle for national liberation also concretely helps the Philippine revolution. Israel is one of the biggest suppliers of arms to the Philippine puppet regime, which are used to repress the Filipino people. And Israel is the main bastion protecting US imperialist interests in the Middle East. Therefore all international solidarity in support of the Palestinian people’s right to liberation, is also a great help to the Filipino people and a big blow to US imperialism. 

We salute the students re-invigorating solidarity with national liberation movements. We encourage our members and all progressive and freedom-loving people to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their righteous struggle for liberation and to build tight links of anti-imperialist solidarity with the students engaged in these militant acts of international solidarity. 

The people united will never be defeated!
From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!
The militant youth will end imperialism!
From Palestine to the Philippines, Stop the US War Machine! 
From Palestine to the Philippines, Victory to the Resistance!