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The International People’s Tribunal unanimously finds Philippine president Marcos Jr., former president Duterte, the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, US president Biden and the US government guilty of all charges of war crimes and violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

For two days the tribunal heard moving testimonies from the witnesses, victims, and expert resource persons on the various violations of IHL by the US-backed Marcos Jr. and Duterte regimes in their US-directed ‘counterinsurgency’ in the Philippines. The overwhelming amount of compelling evidence presented by the Filipino people and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF) in their case, has left no doubt of the truthfulness of their assertion that the US-Marcos and US-Duterte regimes are guilty of various grave war crimes.

As Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) we applaud the Filipino people and their genuine representative, the NDF, on this great achievement in their pursuit of justice. This verdict is a testament to the strength of the toiling Filipino masses and their struggle for genuine social change. It plays an important role in exposing the violent US-puppet regimes of Marcos Jr and Duterte for their crimes against the Filipino people and bringing it to attention to the international community. Furthermore, it underscores the Filipino people’s right to self-determination and the justness of their struggle for national liberation.

We call on all solidarity allies and all those who support the Filipino people’s right to justice, to actively support and propagate the findings and verdict of the International People’s Tribunal!


In light of the International People’s Tribunal (IPT) of 2024 in which the Filipino people tried the US government and the US-backed Marcos and Duterte regimes to hold them accountable for their war crimes against them, Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle (FFPS) as one of the main convenors calls for urgently needed international support for the Filipino people and their cry for justice. Please join us in a Global Week of Action, 21-27 May 2024.

Global Week of Action: Condemn and end the war crimes of the US-backed Marcos and Duterte regimes! Support the Filipino people’s right to self-determination!


From former direct colony to neocolony, US stronghold over the Philippines as a strategic military outpost in Asia is crucial to the US government’s geopolitical agenda to maintain the entire Indo-Pacific region as the largest market for US surplus goods, a source of cheap raw materials, and source of cheap labor.

With increased US support under the Biden administration, the Duterte and now Marcos regimes have recycled and beefed up ‘anti-terrorist’ branding apparatuses such as the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) and the Anti-Terror Act (ATA), to legally justify the repression of dissent of a growing social movement for legitimate pro-people demands.

Both regimes have implemented US-directed so-called “counterinsurgency” operations against civilians and non-combatants in the Philippines and their repression of Filipino activists and solidarity allies abroad viciously terrorize the people, in clear violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

The War Crimes Tribunal will examine violations of international humanitarian law both as to the means and methods of warfare and the objects and subjects of attack, including extrajudicial and summary killings of civilians and hors d’ combat, desecration of remains of combatants, massacre of civilians and other forms of collective punishment, torture, enforced disappearances, mass arrests, indiscriminate firing, indiscriminate aerial bombing of communities and use of white phosphorus bombs, hamletting, terrorist labelling and use of repressive terror laws, assassination of civilians, attacks on schools, fake or forced surrenders, attacks against  peace consultants and other forms of suppression.

To justify their war crimes, the US-Marcos and US-Duterte administrations have continuously tried to put up a vague and false framework of fighting against “terrorism”. In reality, the resistance of the Filipino people is a mass movement that steadfastly and comprehensively advances their democratic rights and their right to self-determination. When they take up arms, they do so to defend the right of the toiling people to their land and of all Filipino people to be free of national and social oppression and exploitation. As such the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the united front organization of the fighting Filipino masses, represents the Filipino people and their aspirations for national liberation and genuine social change.

The NDFP has demonstrated to the international community not only the necessity and justness of the people’s war in the Philippines, but that armed struggle is a legitimate exercise of the Filipino people’s inherent right to self-determination, as recognized through various international laws and intergovernmental declarations, and whose conduct is bound to the rules of war outlined in International Humanitarian Law.

The time is urgent for the international community to heighten its response to the loud cry of the Filipino people for justice and accountability and to expose the war crimes of the US-Marcos regime and its predecessor, the US-Duterte regime.

Let us express our unwavering support with the Filipino people’s right to self-determination and stand in international solidarity with their struggle for just and lasting peace in the Philippines.

Read more about the International People’s Tribunal 2024 on: https://peoplestribunal.net/

The particular objectives of the Global Week of Action are to:

  • Amplify and support the Filipino people’s cry for justice and the outcome (verdict of the tribunal and witness testimonies) of the International War Crimes Tribunal on the US-directed ‘Counterinsurgency’ in the Philippines, IPT 2024.
  • Expose and oppose US imperialism and its role in the “counterinsurgency” war on the Filipino people and to further expose and isolate the criminal and bloody US-Marcos and US-Duterte regimes from the international community.
  • Express our unwavering support for the Filipino people’s right to self-determination and for us to stand in solidarity with the Filipino people’s struggle for just and lasting peace in the Philippines.
  • Engage with key parliamentarians, policy-making bodies, and institutions to further isolate the US-backed Marcos and Duterte regime by promoting the findings of the IPT and advocating for the demands of the victims of the ongoing war crimes for justice.

How can you join?

Mobilize! Hold demonstrations and other actions on 21-27 May 2024 to amplify and support the Filipino people’s cry for justice. These can include militant demonstrations, creative media actions, direct actions and art initiatives, symbolic actions at key institutions such as by submitting the verdict to selected Philippine embassies/consulates, to the EU parliament, the ICC, the UN, national parliament/congress, etc., and any other ways to achieve above mentioned objectives.

Engage your local, traditional and new media for wide coverage, tag @peoplestribunal for all your social media propaganda and contact ipt2024media@gmail.com for further media coordination or liaisoning. Some of the witnesses may be available to attend such activities in Europe if planned in advance, kindly reach out to secretariat@peoplestribunal.net to coordinate your actions.

We urge organizations to come up with their own statements of support for the IPT and the findings/verdict of the tribunal. Other actions may include organizing info sessions to promulgate the verdict or social media campaigns (i.e., #PeoplesVerdict, #USGuilty, #DuterteGuilty #MarcosGuilty, etc.) to highlight the cases of IHL violations filed against the US-Marcos and US-Duterte regimes.

To support the Filipino people’s cry for justice we are also calling for lobbying efforts through dialogues with key personalities, such as parliamentarians, government officials, church leaders, and others with the objective of garnering broad support for the IPT, its verdict and for the Filipino people’s struggle. Let us stand in full solidarity with the Filipino people as they resist the onslaught of US imperialist violence and the war crimes committed by the US-backed Marcos and Duterte regimes!

Suggested slogans:

“Justice for the Filipino people!”

“Marcos and Duterte, war criminals!”

“US imperialist, #1 terrorist!”

“Stop the bombings in the Philippines!”

“Stop arms sales and military aid to the Philippines!”

“End US-Marcos state terrorism in the Philippines!”

“End US aggression in the Philippines!”

“We support the Filipino aspiration: National Liberation against US imperialism!”

“Wage militant actions against US imperialist war-mongering!”

“Just and lasting peace in the Philippines!”

“Support genuine democracy, support the NDFP!”

There will be a final version of the verdict, including detailed accounts and summaries of the cases presented, made available in due time. You can read the full initial verdict here: https://peoplestribunal.net/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/IPT-2024-INITIAL-Verdict-18-May.pdf